About us

DETAILS OTHERS MIGHT MISS – we are sure about this!


Rüdiger Lohf and Nicolay Flaaten founded the incoming company Best Of Scandinavia AS in 1997 after the start in 1996.

The whole business is built on one smart idea: The best booking system combined with the most successful product philosophy!

Über uns:
Nicolay Flaaten und Rüdiger Lohf gründeten 1997 die Incoming-Firma Best Of Scandinavia nachdem die Zusammenarbeit 1996 begonnen hatte.

Der Name ist ihr Programm: Sie vereinen ein eigens für den FIT Markt entwickeltes Buchungssystem mit der pädagogisch erfolgreichsten Produktphilosophie.

Short Story:

The story of Best of Scandinavia in short terms:  Best of Scandinavia was founded in 1997 and is a family business. We have been developing products since 1994.  Together with our partners  in total we offered more than 2000 products and more than 350 products are available, some of them have been imitated by our competitors. So we do not publish products online, all packages are subject for internal communication with our customers.

The company is independent and family owned. Through all these years we’ve been a reliable business partner both financially and creatively. Our products are not pre-made, but individually customized for each client.

As a family run company we are used to work with small but high quality specialist or with big and mighty distributors as well. Many of our suppliers in the Nordic Countries are family run hotels. That makes that we can deliver details others might miss.

Tour operators can meet us at published fairs, or schedule a meeting in Scandinavia. We do not deliver to Touroperators before we have met!
Private customers are kindly asked to ask their tour operator for Scandinavia.

“Best of Scandinavia Incoming” is a registered trademark.

Languages spoken in our staff:

English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, (Spanish)



Staff: look at contacts



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