BOS production

Meet Best of Scandinavia at the following workshops / Fairs. : 

  • ITB Berlin March 2018 (7.3.-9.3.)
  • NTW Bergen (Norwegian Travel Workshop) Stavanger April 2018 (16.4.-19.4.)
  • Swedish Workshop NN


Winter catalogues 2018/2019: deadline for new products: January 31st 2018; deadline for recent products February 28th 2018. Products will be bookable directly after contracting!

Summer catalogues 2018: deadline for all rates and products: June 30th 2017!


  • September: Famtrip Dertour Fjord Norway
  • September: Norway Competence Talk: Fjords, Fjord Line (fvw, travel talk)
  • September Famtrip Glur Reisen Visit Arctic Europe
  • April Lapland Special (2018)
  • IMG_4447

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